Who Makes the Best Chainsaw?

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Asking a passionate chainsaw enthusiast who makes the best chainsaw is a bit like asking a petrol head who makes the best cars. For the latter you’d be entering into a raging debate between Ford and Holden. For the former, the voices would be just as vociferous between Husqvarna and Stihl. Yet, there are more than just those two big players in the quality chainsaw manufacturing stakes. Let’s take a look at the top 4 manufacturers so that you can make your own decision about who makes the best chainsaw.


husqvarna chainsaw 2018
Husqvarna are market leaders in the chainsaw industry as a result of their dependability, their innovation and their range. Whether you’re after a chainsaw for cutting down an old tree branch or you want to go bush for some serious rugged cutting duties, they’ve got the model to match. Recognized market leaders in innovation, standard features on most models include X-torq, a patented design that allows for lower fuel consumption and reduced exhaust emission levels, a built-in centrifugal Air injection cleaning system and their Smart Start motor design to ensure an easy, quick start every time. You can’t go wrong with a Husky.


STIHL Chainsaw
Many people agree with the claim that they’re still the best because this big hitter continues to maintain consistent quality of their product. And, while you may be paying a little extra for the Sithl name, advocates believe that it’s well worth it. Through a process of continual research and product development, Stihl have managed to evolve their saws into a specialist range to meet every conceivable end user need. Such features as ergo start, tool free chain tensioning and ergonomic design to ensure maximum power for minimum weight are what make Stihl such a popular brand.


best chainsaw manufacturer
While not as dominant in the marketplace as Husqvarna and Stihl, Poulan is a manufacturer with a legion of die hard fans who swear by their products. Poulan chainsaws offer excellent value for money. While they may lack some of the fancy features of the two big players, Poulan have built their reputation on reliability and robustness. Most models do come with a primer bulb for ease of starting, an air filtration system and their P4018 series of heavy duty saws feature auto chain oiler.


Oregon may not be the biggest chainsaw manufacturer, yet they have won a place in the hearts of many an experienced user as a result of their exclusive innovations. Their Power sharp precision chain system attaches to the saw and sharpens it on the spot, allowing you to go from dull to super sharp in as little as 3 seconds. Also their Lithium-ion design on electric saws are ahead of their time. With their range of over 8,000 quality products, Oregon offer the widest selection of innovative products in the industry, giving you confidence that they’ll stand behind their products.


So, who makes the best chainsaw? In the end it comes down to a matter of preference. Going with any of our top four will see you right the majority of the time. It pays, though, to do your research on the specific type of saw that you’re looking for. Go online and check out feedback from other users. Be an aware consumer and you can’t go wrong.

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