Best Bedside Touch Table Lamps

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Touch table lamps are those that provide you with the convenience of merely touching it, to turn it on or off. Sometimes lamp switches become a nuisance whenever you are so sleepy and you want to turn off the lamp, just to take you several minutes of trying to find where the switch is. Thanks to the ingenious person who designed touch table lamps, there is no more need to look for the hidden switch.

Nowadays, touch table lamps are used at homes and in offices. At homes, you can always find this kind of lamp in the living room and bedrooms. Children would often want the best that they could find, and when your child sees the method by which you turned on and off the touch lamp in the living room, your child would always ask for the same kind to be in his room. Thus, upon acquiring a touch table lamp, it is safe to have all lamps in the house as touch lamps.

ModelType of BlubMaterialPower ConsumptionMax BrightnessRatingBuying Option
AUKEY Bedside Lamp, Touch Sensor Table Lamp
LEDABS + Aluminum Alloy6W Max. (White Light), 3W (RGB Light) 450 lumens
UNIFUN Touch Sensor Table Lamp
LEDABS + Aluminum Alloy6W Max. (White Light), 3W (RGB Light) 450 lumens
AUKEY Rechargeable Table Lamp
LEDABS + PC2W200 lumens
Ascher Children's Dimmable LED Bedside Lamp
Ascher Children's Dimmable LED Bedside Lamp
LEDABS2W200 lumens

Aside from the classy way of turning it on and off, touch table lamps also come in various designs which you would surely love. There are classy designs of glass, highlighted by floral patters. There are also modern contemporary designs of aluminum which is perfect to grace an artist’s home. Soft designs of pastel colors are also available which would be highly suitable for children’s rooms. Whether your child is still in preschool, elementary, or old enough, pastel colored touch table lamps would be just right.

In offices where everyone seems to be minding his own business, a lamp switch may become a nuisance considering that all are really busy going about his own stuff. Because of this, touch table lamps became popular additions to an office as well.

Touch table lamps are quaint, appealing, and charming lamps that any homeowner or office manager would be pleased to have one sitting beautifully on the table. The design would always complement the interiors of the home and office, and the convenience would make the day brighter and more productive.

Best Bedside Touch Lamp in UK 2018

AUKEY Bedside Lamp, Touch Sensor Table Lamp
AUKEY Bedside Lamp, Touch Sensor Table Lamp UK
If you’re looking for a convenient solution to your nighttime troubles, you should check out the AUKEY Bedside Lamp. This lamp is equipped with a touch sensor. It can be activated with nothing more than the touch of your hand. On top of that, there are several modes to choose from. You can choose soft, moderate or bright. Whether you’re reading, watching television or just want a background light on when you sleep, this one will definitely do the trick.

Various Colors
This light is also capable of switching colors. It can autocycle through an extensive array of colors on the red-green-blue spectrum. Or, you can pause the light on your favorite color. The options are truly plentiful.

Protected For 24-Months
Another great thing about this light is the fact that you’re protected for 24-months. The company offers a 24-month product replacement warranty. This guarantees that your investment is safe for the next 24 months. If anything goes wrong, Aukey will take care of it.


  • Protected for 24-months
  • Can autocycle through an abundance of colors
  • Offers several modes, including soft, moderate and bright
  • Touch activated
  • Decent cord length
  • Plug is a little big
Overall Assessment
The plug for this light is a little big, so you’ll need some extra room behind your nightstand. Otherwise, it is great. If you want a good nightlight, which can be turned on and off with touch, this one is certainly well worth checking out.
UNIFUN Bedside Touch Lamp
UNIFUN Bedside Touch Lamp 2018
Do you love reading at night, but hate straining your eyes in the dark, or can’t leave the overhead light on because of your partner? If this sounds like your situation, you should consider investing in the UNIFUN Bedside Touch Lamp. This neat little touch activated table lamp will provide you with just enough brightness, so that you don’t have to strain your eyes. And, with the adjustable brightness feature, you never have to worry about disturbing your partner.

Choosing Between Different Color Schemes
The UNIFUN Bedside Touch Lamp isn’t just a white light. In fact, it comes with a selection of three different colors. You can choose between red, green, or blue. So, whatever your mood is, you won’t have a problem finding a color to suit it.


  • Choose between three different amazing colors
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Touch activated for easy on and off operation
  • Thirty-day money back guarantee
  • Twelve-month warranty
  • Doesn’t include Bluetooth technology
  • Bulb included, but must be charged before use
Overall Assessment
With enough brightness so that you don’t have to strain your eyes during the night and an adjustable brightness features, the UNIFUN Bedside Touch Lamp is the perfect solution for reading at night.
AUKEY Rechargeable Table Lamp
AUKEY Rechargeable Table Lamp
Tired of dealing with unruly wires attached to your desk lamp? If so, it may be time to upgrade to the AUKEY Rechargeable Table Lamp. The wireless design allows for a more attractive placement, plus there will be no need have an electrical outlet for power. The lamp operates on battery power for up five hours on extremely bright and 80 hours on soft light.

Hanging Or Desktop Design
The AUKEY Lamp offers two options for placement, including hanging and desktop. If you lack space on your desk or bedside table for the lamp, you can hang it from the ceiling utilizing the included hanging strap. This feature also allows you to transport the lamp from place to place, even outdoors when you want to do a little reading after dark.

The best benefit of the AUKEY Lamp is it can be charged through your PC’s USB port. Just plug in the included mini-B USB cable to recharge the battery. When the battery reaches a full charge, just unplug the cable and put away until it is needed again. If you prefer, you can also leave the USB cable plugged into your PC all the time.


  • Backed by a 2-year replacement warranty
  • Charges through a USB port
  • Battery life – five hours on bright and 80 hours on low light
  • Hanging/desktop placement options
  • Color lighting brightness cannot be adjusted
  • Battery indicator light too bright
Overall Assessment
The AUKEY Rechargeable Lamp is ideal for people who like to read after dark. Its compact and wireless design allows you to transport the lamp from place to place. The bright light is just that, offering enough light to read without straining your eyes. The battery lasts approximately 80 hours on low light and five on bright light, so if you plan on traveling it may be best to choose the low lighting mode unless you have access to a USB port.
Ascher Children’s Dimmable LED Bedside Lamp
Ascher Children’s Dimmable LED Bedside Lamp
If you are looking for the perfect portable table lamp that can be used in the bedroom or living room, look no further than the Ascher Children’s LED Lamp. The lamp gives you the option of choosing between a cold white and a warm yellow light with an adjustable brightness feature. The yellow is soothing which is perfect for reading or lighting up the baby’s room, while the white light is brighter and more effective for visibility purposes.

Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
With the powerful lithium-ion battery, you can literally get five hours of operation on the brightest setting and 100 hours on the dimmest setting. In addition to this, the battery can be recharged for continuous use.


  • Powerful rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Choose between a yellow or white light
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Extremely portable
  • ABS food-grade material construction makes the light extremely safe
  • Bulbs cannot be replaced
Overall Assessment
The Ascher Children’s LED Lamp is the perfect product for a bedside reading lamp, children’s nightlight, or providing the visibility that you need in a dark room.
Modern Glass Ice Cube Touch Table Lamp
Modern Glass Ice Cube Touch Table Lamp
Are you looking for a totally unique table lamp that won’t break the bank? If you answered yes to this question, you need to check out the MiniSun Modern Glass Ice Cub Touch Lamp. This lamp is available in numerous colors, including silver, black, bronze, and gold. With these options available, you’ll easily be able to find a color that matches your bedroom or living room’s décor. The light also offers numerous settings, so you’ll be able to get the precise brightness that you prefer. Additional details can be found below.

4-Stage Touch Dimmer
One of the best things about this light is the fact that it is equipped with a 4-stage touch dimmer. You can choose from various levels of intensity, including low, medium and bright. Or, you can shut it off with the fourth touch. No matter what you’re trying to do, you can guarantee that this light will provide you with just enough lighting.

Suitable For Numerous Tasks
Thanks to the light’s versatility, it is really suitable for a wide range of tasks. It works exceptionally well for reading, but it can also be used for writing, crafts and other hobbies. Or, you can use the light to enhance the appearance of your home. The possibilities are really endless.


  • Suitable for many tasks
  • Touch on and off
  • Offers three brightness levels
  • Unique design
  • Several colors to choose from
  • No lighting color options
  • Might be too small for some
Overall Assessment
The MiniSun Modern Glass Ice Cube Lamp might not be perfect, but it still comes pretty close. This lamp works exceptionally well and it is undoubtedly unique in appearance. That makes it well worth the low price tag.

How to choose the right table lamp for your bedroom

Table lamp nowadays comes in different heights ranging usually from 20 inches to 30 inches. Shorter lamps are better for bedrooms and taller lamps in living rooms. Purchase a table lamp whose base to the bottom of the shade length measurement doesn’t exceed the table-to-eye measurement.  A good rule of thumb is to have the shade width be from half to near the full edge width of the side table. It should never reach beyond the edge. This way, you can enjoy reading  without the annoyance of seeing the glaring light bulbs. Before buying, measure the  height and circumference of the table where you want to put your lamp. The height of the  table lamp should not be more than 1½ times the height of whatever it sits on.

Placement and Size
Sideboards are generally the perfect place for table lamps. But because of the limited depth of the sideboards, you may need to choose a slim lamp base with a matching slim lampshade. This will also leave you enough space to keep your plates, serving platters and flower arrangements. Besides sideboards, table lamps also look good on buffet tables.

The Aesthetic Of Your Room
Another thing that you need to consider when choosing table lamps is the aesthetic of your room. You want your lamp to settle into your interior decor and not seem out of place so choose a lamp that matches the overall aesthetic. Whether you’re into modern minimalist design or vintage flourishes, you’re sure to find a lamp that will suit your room perfectly. Don’t forget to choose light bulbs that will go well with your room’s colour theme. Soft lighting goes well with reds and yellows while hard lighting for blues and greens.

The Kind Of Lighting
The kind of lighting can set the tone of feel of your room so it’s between soft lighting and hard lighting. Soft lighting is perfect for setting that relaxed feel, while hard lighting is more appropriate for a reading room or a home office. Decide on which lighting would be best for your room and choose the right wattage.

Your table lamp will most likely be placed on a bedside table or stand. If the surface of the table or stand is glass, then avoid using a wooden table lamp. Match the frame of the table with your lamp. For instance, if your glass table has a frame made of steel or wrought iron then your lamp too can be of the same material. If the table is made of wood then you can choose from a wider variety of lamps that can match the décor in your bedroom, including wood, ceramic and brass. Whatever you choose, make sure that the base of the lamp is heavy enough so that it doesn’t topple when you accidentally push it when groping for your alarm clock in the dark.

Since the table lamps will be used in conjunction with another source of lighting, the wattage for each lamp need not exceed 60 watts if you are a regular bulb. If using a CFL, 13 to 16 watt is enough to achieve the same amount of brightness but with the advantage of a significant reduction in your power consumption.

 Cost and Quality
Choose a good quality table lamps  that can offer you both durability and beauty. Most touch table lamps for bedroom falls in the price range £10 – £40. There are many factors that influence the price of the lamp, such as style, materials, type of bulb and brand.

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