The 10 Best Food Processors

A good food processor, which is efficient and versatile, can become an indispensable gadget in everyone’s kitchen.It can be used to prepare biscuit dough, grind spices, puree baby food and many more. Most food processors come with powerful blades, attachments which can chop food like knives and juice extractors. Suffice to say that a food processor is like a blender, chopper and juicer all combined into one valuable kitchen gadget.

The processor is designed to replace a lot of gadgets in the kitchen. Portability and storage are also top considerations to a lot of people. They do not want processors which are bulky and hard to store. Food processors which come with retractable cords have advantages over those which do not.

How a Food Processor Works

The majority of the food processors or food mixers only have one motor speed. Most also come with a small tube opening located at the top which allows the user to add other ingredients easily without having to open the entire food processor. There is also a pusher which is used to push the food down and nearer the blades.

The pusher helps keeping your fingers safe from blades because they will never get in contact with the blades. One of the most popular things which a food mixer needs is a “pulse” button; however, not all processors have this. The “pulse” button gives you small bursts of power. This is appropriate for kneading quick dough or rough chopping.

Best Food Processors in UK – 2018

ProductCapacityFeaturesRatingsBuying option
Kenwood CH180 Mini Chopper
0.35 litres900 watts
Philips HR7761/01 Kitchen Food Processor
1.75 litres750 watts
Black & Decker HC306 Food Chopper
1.5 litres70 watts
Kenwood FP120 Compact Food Processor
1.4 litres400 watts
James Martin Food Processor
1.5 litres500 watts
Philips HR7627/01 Food Processor
1.5 Litre650 watts
VonShef Food Processor
2 litres750 watts

kenwood FDM781BA Food Processor
3 Litres1000 watts
Ovation Multifunctional Food Processor
2.4 litres1000 watts
Kenwood FDP301WH Compact Food Processor

2.1 litres800 watts

What to Look for in a Good Food Processor

If you are searching for the food processor its essential to figure out how to pick the best quality machine. There are several brands and each having a lot of models that you can purchase, the buying process can easily feel difficult. So, in order to clarify a few of the problems we will list below a few of the factors that will help you decide which food slicer is best!


The different accessories that associate with a kitchen appliance will impact however well it’ll really work for you. most traditional food processors provide slicing, chopping, grinding and shredding options and attachments. The additional advanced machines will combine baking ingredients, produce juice or perhaps knead dough.
You’ll conjointly need to concentrate to however powerful the machine is. If you’re getting to use your kitchen appliance for tougher tasks, like creating bread, you may desire a powerful machine with adjustable speeds.

Machines with 700 or additional watts square measure thought of high-powered machines and might handle most food process tasks. Food processors that square measure used for easier tasks typically have two hundred to five hundred watts and square measure considerably cheaper. virtually each kitchen appliance has the essential on/off and pulse key; something over that indicates a additional advanced machine.


Most food process units have a customary style. you may typically realize a base that holds the motor, a bowl, cutting blades, shredding and slicing discs, a pusher and a lid with a feed tube that matches onto the bowl. Some processors associate with wider feed tubes that prevent time by reducing the quantity chopping you’ll need to try and do to suit food into the tube. Another issue to think about is that the weight and quantity of cabinet house you’ve got out there for your machine. The additional advanced processors tend to require up extra space and square measure significant, whereas the additional compact food processors will simply be tucked away.


Depending on your intentions, the overall quantity that the kitchen appliance holds are often a determinant consider the model you ultimately plan to purchase. Most models hold a minimum of seven cups of dry ingredients with the larger machines holding up to fourteen cups. However, larger machines typically embrace a spread of various bowls you’ll be able to use to handle any size job. There also are abundant smaller machines, particularly food choppers, which generally hold three to five cups.

A kitchen appliance will function a awfully helpful tool in your room. With the range of various tasks that it will complete, it’s a necessity for serious cooks. even though you are solely preparation meals for your family, a kitchen appliance will well cut back your preparation time and assist you create delicious food additional effectively.


How do you know what’s the power of the motor ideal for the food processor?  To get constant and continuous results, the potency of the food mini or medium processor must be equal or maybe more than the dimensions of the device.

A powerfull motor is needed for a bigger appliance. For example, you have to puree food for your young child however it just doesn’t manage to puree the meals fine enough; or shredding onions and cheeses into unequal sizes. The top food processor reviews usually reveal the facts on whether there is any pulse control for your device.


Some food processors come with attachments and extras such as a mini bowl and blade for processing tiny amounts of stuff like garnish. Some have a continuous feed shredder that allows the shredded food to be directed into another bowl so that you can continuously process food without emptying the integrated bowl first.

Quality of the product

To have an idea about the item it is usually safer to read the reviews of the product to know about its quality. There are many online food processor reviews that allow the customers learn about the best quality of the item. The warranty that it has is one of the things that can also be a major factor combined with the prices, level of quality and functions.


Looks matter quite a bit. A lot of these food processors are available in a variety of styles, colors and sizes these days. With so many models to choose from you can select the one that agrees with your kitchen decor or perhaps the one that will stand all in its own based on its vivid and bright colors.

In addition there are many food choppers which come with electronic touch pads making them simple to use as well as great looking in the best way.

Simple Cleaning Process

Cleaning up the disks and components of the food processor can be a headache especially if you don’t have a dishwasher. These days, almost every accessory is dishwasher-friendly, and for the ones that are not, look at the guidelines carefully and look out for the ones that can be cleaned with water.



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