Stepper Machine – Choosing the best of 2018

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If you have been looking at mini stair steppers in UK for your home gym then you have probably come across the terms mini stepper or lateral thigh trainer along the way. The Mini Stepper exercises a great range of muscles for such a compact piece of fitness equipment. If you want to really tone up and sculpt your leg muscles, your buttocks and your calve muscles then this type of stepper is the perfect choice. While it pounds and stretches those leg muscles, the mini exercise stepper is really going to boost your heart rate, giving you a great cardio workout as well! Lose calories, anyone?

Mini steppers are guaranteed to burn your excess fat even if you totally dislike exercise machines because one of the great things about using them at home is that if it’s raining outside, you can watch your favorite TV program while you exercise right there in your front room. And by the end of your session, you probably won’t even notice how long you’ve been stepping! These are specialized types or step machines which not only give you the up and down motion you would expect but also offer some side to side rotation into the mix as well which allows you to work out your abs and core region.

They are so light, that in the summer time you can just pick up your mini stepper and take it outside and use it on any solid surface, like a patio and you can then burn off those calories while topping up your tan!

The Advantages of a Mini Stepper for busy people

The mini side stepper adds something extra to the basic one. The unique sideways motion increases your cardio workout and calorie burn up! Think you can stay on this mini stepper for long? Think again. After just a few short minutes you’ll be feeling your thigh muscles burning, which is great news because you know what that means – more calories burned, reducing that all important waist line. The mini side stepper suits cyclists, skaters and snow boarders because it exercises the upper leg muscles in certain ways which are different to other steppers.
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Building muscles on a stair stepper would take forever, unless you are prone to gaining muscle quickly. I’ve worked out with weights all my life and tried to build my own legs up since I was in my twenties, and although I’ve got a pretty good set up walking machines, they are certainly no tree trunks! Lifting weights to build leg muscles is vastly different from using a stair stepper to build leg muscles. There are several factors and variables to consider. How many healthy calories you eat, how much protein you consume and how often you work your leg muscles, to name just a few.

For the average user, you don’t have to worry about building oak tree legs, but for someone exercising and consuming enough protein and doing plenty of other leg exercises, then the probability is that you would gain a few pounds of muscles over a long period of time.
Can a Stair Stepper Tone Leg Muscles? Yes, absolutely. Improving your cardiovascular fitness and toning leg muscle is predominantly why steppers came about in the first place, starting with Stairmaster steppers.

With continuous use of any type of exercise stepper, be it a mini stepper, portable or stairmaster stepper, you will burn calories, fat and tone every muscle in your legs (depending on the type).

The thing I really like about this type with resistance bands, is that because of this ‘bungee’ addition to an already amazing piece of fitness equipment, it offers an even wide range of upper body exercises. It is so easy to use and really simple to put together when you first get it. If you have job where you are in a stationary position most of the day, particularly sitting behind a desk, then you really need at least 20 minutes or more of aerobic exercise at some point during they day or you’ll just be piling on those unnecessary calories and pounds! These compact and small machines with resistance bands allow you to exercise your whole body, so you burn extra calories and pounds of unwanted fat.

The Mini Stepper helps to tone and tighten your thigh and bottom muscles. The resistance bands which come with several versions will also help you to tone your upper body at the same time. Even though they are small, most types have a built in computer or LCD display, showing your workout time, strides and the calories which you have burned off.

Best Mini Steppers in UK

mini stair stepper 2018
This Sunny Twist Stepper is ideal for both home use and for taking on the go so you always have an exercise machine to work out with wherever you may be. The portable twist stepper by Sunny Health and Fitness features a non-impact up and down with side to side motion which is gentle on your joints whilst offering a strengthening and toning workout for your lower body. The Twister Stepper is the perfect exercise for toning buttocks and thighs, shaping and tightening inner and outer thigh muscles and generally giving a great workout for stronger sexier legs. the included exercise bands add an upper body workout so for under $70 you get a totally portable top quality full body workout machine. This mini twist stepper exerciser features oversized non-slip foot rests for your comfort and safety and adjustable reistance levels so you can sculpt the workout to your own fitness levels and future needs. An electronic LCD interface gives you feedback on such things as number of steps, calories burned, time spent and scan, which is a great motivator and again gives basic feedback for creating your own workout routines. The Sunny Twister Stepper is a great little exercise machine and a must have purchase for at home or on the go.

This stepper with a swivel base is another excellent choice for a combined strength and cardio fitness machine. The Stamina twist stepper base will strengthen and firm up thigh muscles, buttocks and generally shape and tone legs while the swivel action works out abdominals and helps shape hips. Included exercise bands work out upper body for that all important mix of strength training for strong bones and huff and puff exercise for healthy heart.

Combining a great cardio workout for your heart with strength training for bone and muscle strength, the aerobic twisting stepper here is a great addition to any home gym and personal fitness regimen. The adjustable resistance on the base allows you to tailor a workout routine to fit your personal fitness level whilst strengthening and toning leg muscles for slimmer sexier firmer legs. The swivel motion adds an extra dimension working out abdominals and toning hips. Included as part of the package are a set of resistance bands which, turn a simple lower body workout into a total body workout. At under $100 this is a recommended twist stepper ideal for home use but portable enough to be taken on the road too.

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