Best Treadmills in UK

In spite of more and more new exercise equipment coming out on infomercials as well as on the market today, the treadmill still rates as one of most commonly bought exercise machines available. This is because the treadmill is made to simulate the most common and best workouts – running and walking, into a comfortable and convenient package. Though a treadmill can’t target a specific area of the body, it can give one a very invigorating cardiovascular workout.

With more and more people becoming fitness-conscious throughout the years, getting a treadmill has been one of the more common moves people make.

10 Best Selling Treadmills in UK 2018

ProductMax SpeedMotorMax. User WeightRatingBuy From
HOMCOM Motorised Electric Treadmill

10 km/h0.67Hp120 kg
FIT4HOME Unisex Ssjk-06 X-Lite Ii
12 km/h1.5 HP 110 kg
JLL S300 Digital Folding Treadmill
16 km/h4.5 HP120 kg
Confidence Gtr Power Pro
12 km/h4.5 HP120kg
Branx Fitness Foldable 'Elite Runner Pro'
21km/h6.5 HP120 kg
Confidence Power Plus
10 km/h0.8 HP120 kg
Branx Fitness Foldable 'Cardio Pro'Treadmill
20Km/h 6 HP130 kg
JTX Sprint-7
20 km/h6 HP160 kg
12 km/h1.48 HP110 kg
JTX Slim Line
14 km/h1.5 HP110 kg

The good thing about a treadmill is that you can use it at home. You can exercise while watching the TV, or keeping an eye on your kids at home. It’s also safe since you don’t have to worry about scary people on the street, or dogs or unsafe streets. Moreover, you can still exercise even on bad weather. Other people may complain that using a treadmill can be boring and monotonous, but if you really put your mind into it, you will get equal, or even better results than just jogging outside.

What to Look For Before Buying  a Treadmill ?

To buy a treadmill for yourself can be considered a huge financial decision noting that it is big workout device that may cost you a lot. No need to worry as this article will provide you with useful ideas and tips for treadmills purchase. Herein listed are some of the useful measures you may consider when you buy treadmills.


Focus your search for a treadmill more to its feature and operational efficiency than its looks. Don’t be directly captivated with its fancy things that are often superfluous and are not really part of it. What actually matters here is its function, not its physical attributes.


Make sure that the motor has at least a continuous rating of 2.0 horsepower. If you’re a runner, and quite heavier, you should get a higher rating motor, at least 2.5 Horsepower. The motor is the main part of the treadmill. So you shouldn’t scrimp on this one. If you can get a best motor, so much the better. Weaker motors tend to get broken easily after prolonged used, so better invest in the best one available.

Running Path

See to it that the running path of the treadmill is wide and long allowing you to run on it safely. Before buying a treadmill, make sure that you have ample space for walking and/or running. Check the dimensions of the two-ply belt. It should be at least 18” wide and 48” long. This facilitates a more comfortable stride. You should get wider and longer two-ply belts if you are taller.


Be fully aware on the easy use, start, and closure of the machine. You have to be certain that you are getting the best and right treadmill to make the most out of it.



Select the treadmill that is equipped with push buttons, rather than the one with controls that require push and pull. This will only cause inconvenience and inefficiency on your part.


Look first for the easy accessibility of the machine’s safety key so that you will not sustain any injury in case you might accidentally fall off.

Heart rate monitor

Check whether the treadmill you are purchasing has a heart rate monitoring system so you can keep tab on your own heart’s functioning.


Check the speed capability of your treadmill. If you are a walker, you’ll need 5mph, while for a runner, you’ll need 8 to 11mph. You should start slow in order to avoid injury.


Consider the financial aspect or the price you have set for your treadmill. Beware of the fancy treadmills that are very attractive due to their elegance, looks, and luxury. Most often, these machines are only the best choice if you have a stretchable budget. This, however, may be dispensable if you are financially constraint. It is not always advisable to buy cheap or with discount treadmills as they are usually harmful and may run higher maintenance cost. So, the money you saved from your purchase may just be used for their repair or maintenance.

Pros and Cons of running on a treadmill


  • Easy to use. It involves just walking or running, activities which everyone does all the time.
  • Safe. No uneven or slippery ground that might cause you to lose balance, slip and fall down. Most treadmills come with a good shock cushioning system to reduce impact on your joints and are designed to minimize the risk of injuries.
  • Not affected by the weather conditions. You can exercise right in the comfort of home or at the local gym whether rain or shine or snow.
  • Most treadmills come with adjustable speed and incline catering to different levels of fitness. You can choose the pace that you are most comfortable with. At the maximum incline, it is just like running up a hill, but in safe and comfortable environment. Great for those who wish to train hill running but have no nearby hills to train.
  • Having a treadmill at home means the whole family can exercise. This is much cheaper than everyone joining the gym. You can also choose to exercise at the time when you feel most energetic, be it morning, afternoon or late evening or just on the spur of the moment. There is no unpredictable weather and its unexpected challenges to deal with.
  • Safe environment to run. Some people might stay in places where it is not so safe to run outdoors.
  • Convenience and privacy assured.


  • Quality models can be expensive. Serious running enthusiasts should go for those costing at least a thousand dollars as cheaper models might not withstand their vigorous training.
  • Can be bulky and occupy a lot of space. Go for space saver folding treadmills if you have limited space.
  • Needs maintenance and if anything part breaks down, will need professional help.
  • With just walking and running exercise programs, some people might find the workouts a bit boring as well as monotonous and gave up easily. However, with some models which are iFit modules compatible, there are interesting Google maps to follow. These can take you virtually to all the famous terrains around the world. You can also take part in running competitions with other iFit members all over the world, all done through the monitor. This is indeed challenging and fun.
  • Compared with outdoor running, treadmill running is not as challenging. There is no air resistance, no real rugged terrain and of course minus the ambiance and fresh air plus the feeling of a beautiful day.

Treadmill running or running outdoors?

A lot depends on your likes and dislikes, whether you like running in public or whether you feel uncomfortable about it as well as your exercise time and commitments to your family. If privacy, convenience and saving time is important to you, then getting the best treadmill for home used exclusively by you and your family would surely appeal to you.

Are you the type that needs some supervision and encouragement to continue your workouts? Then you might need a running buddy or perhaps join the gym and getting a personal trainer might produce better results.

Treadmills come with preset programs. Starting on the easiest and working your way up might motivate you on. Treadmills offer tracking on your progress and seeing improving results is a great encouragement.

Whether running on a treadmill or outdoors, it is a good idea to start running to benefit your heart, lose weight and be in the best of health. Of course, getting the right diet is important too.

Efficient Treadmill Running Tips

Basically, running is highly regarded a great means to get physically fit and rewards rapidly to those individuals who really persist. This is the perfect way or tip for you to make use of treadmills running efficiently. Read on this article and know how to make this possible.

Running on a treadmill can be safer than running outside, notwithstanding the benefit of running anytime you would want, either night or day, or in any type of weather. Treadmills seemed to provide smooth surface for running that can be easier on your joints when compared to running outside the pavement provided that you are employing the proper exercise technique. You need not worry anymore on how to twist your ankle on the trail with uneven surface. Running on treadmill will also keep you from possible encounter with strange dogs, people, or even wild animals. This is a great advice from the machine’s manufacturer.

It would be easy to identify your own incline and pace when you run on the treadmill.  It would be enjoyable then to do the measurement of your physical fitness through statistics that is being calculated and found on the treadmill for the whole duration of your exercise. The treadmill will give you the feeling of running specific incline and pace and challenge yourself afterwards, the time when you make gradual mode of adjustments.

Though you may never replace the benefit of getting outdoors and run under sunshine and have the fresh breeze of air, there are still days when using the treadmill machine is the only option available for you is to run on a treadmill. Treadmills running enable you to maximize your efforts in burning your calories on treadmill running machines. Your own ability to vary the intensity of your workout is considered the secret to a great exercise.

You may challenge yourself with interval exercise by using manual adjustment on the treadmill’s speed and incline or by using preset running programs on treadmill. This serves as a fantastic means in progressing better physical fitness levels. Make certain to warm-up for approximately a half mile to start an interval exercise. The next thing you should do is to set the treadmills running on a speed that is lower than your usual running speed. You may alternate the workout in a faster speed with slower speed that is for a certain time intervals. You may start aiming for five intervals if you’re still a beginner and top-most speed while on progress.

However, some people you have used treadmill stop their regimen simply because of boredom during their workout. You can deal this predicament by using headphones and downloading music coming from the website. Try to select songs that help you motivate and set for predetermined songs. Another way is to record your most preferred TV programs during the whole week and make up on them during your treadmill exercise. But see to it that these distractions won’t pull you away from the proper treadmills running workout technique as well as from the focus essential in completing a great offer of treadmill exercise.


Make your treadmills purchase viable by getting the treadmill directly from its manufacturer. This approach may allow you to reduce certain markups of the retailer or distributor. You can best find these purchase options through the Internet.Take into consideration that there are many manufacturers marketing their products directly to the consumers.

Some of them may even promote or advertise their sales prices that are really too low when compared to their regular retail.There is no doubt that treadmills are great fitness equipment and offer great health benefits. The very thing you have to do in your treadmills purchase is to choose the best one sensibly.

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