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Every kitchen enthusiast understands the importance of stand mixers while working in the kitchen today – with such a versatile equipment by your side, it’s a miracle how people in the past cooked by manually mixing, kneading and shredding their food! Having a stand mixer is like having an extra set of hands in the kitchen.

Whether you are a novice or a veteran in cooking, it is certainly one of the most helpful tools you can get in the kitchen. Unlike the hand-held mixer, the stand mixer does not require you to control it while it operates. Like the name suggests it, the mixer can stand on its own. So it’s just like having another person to help you around your cooking. Do away with ancient beaters and get a fast meal prepared within minutes with a kitchen stand mixer.

Why you should get a Household Stand Mixer ?

A kitchen stand mixer allows you to get on with other kitchen preparations while it does the job of mixing up ingredients for you. It is a lot more convenient than the hand-held mixers because you can actually set the kitchen stand mixer to operate and stop automatically according to the timer.

Just imagine the amount of help that this powerful household appliance can do. Not only does it save you the time, but it also saves you from the laborious effort of having to mix up thick food ingredients.

What do you need ?

Before checking out the different websites that offer stand mixers, think about how often you are actually going to the use device. If you only bake or cook occasionally, then it might be best to settle for a unit that offers the most basic features. However, if you are thinking about experimenting and improving your cooking skills, then go for something that would give you various options for mixing.

For example, some stand mixers do not have functions that accommodate dough while others are perfectly up to the task. Consider what you are going to make with the device before you make any decisions. If you are residing in a large household or often cooking for a number of people, then it’s also important to think about the capacity of your chosen stand mixer.

What to Look For Before Buying Stand Mixers ?

When deciding what stand mixer to go for, you can’t just buy one on the basis that it’s the newest and most innovative type out. When choosing the best one for your home, there are a few things you must consider first. Read on and find out.


To give you an idea, some of the most commonly seen features in stand mixers today is the countdown timer, slow start option, spouts, lids and auto shut off. These are features you might want to look for since they are the ones that will add to the efficiency of the product.


When choosing a stand mixer, the first and most essential factor you should consider is the quality of the motor. Of course, you would have to choose a stand mixer with a powerful motor because you will rely on this appliance to thoroughly mix up the ingredients. You want to choose a model that has at least ten motor speeds available because different recipes require different consistencies.

Bowl Size

Do not be fooled of a stand mixer’s attractive design; you would want to consider first the durability and functionality of the product before its appearance. Choose the stand mixer with a bowl that is large enough depending on most of the recipes you are likely to use it for. The standard size of the bowl is 5 quarts. Bowls can either be made of metal and glass but many cooks opt for the glass so they can also use it with the microwave.


See if the mixers actually do a great job in mixing. A good mixer should blend the ingredients in every section of the bowl to ensure that it has been thoroughly mixed. So, test the mixers to see how well they can perform the mixing.


 The customizable speed is essential especially when beating and mixing. Some have up to 16 speeds but not all of them can be used by a typical person. Only look for stand mixers with speeds that you know you will use since additional speeds can increase the price a bit.


Lastly, function should never be exchanged for price. A cheap stand mixer may look like a great deal at first but you will regret it once you find that the appliance is actually poor in quality. You must be willing to spend a little more money if you want to get a product that is of good quality.


See as many models as possible and don’t just buy one that “looks ok”. Chances are you’ll find better models as you go along the search. Compare prices from different stores and try to find better deals if you can. Start targeting brands that are popular with the stand mixer industry and work your way to other models or brands. You’ll be surprised at just how affordable and ideal some models of quality brands are out in the market for your perusal.

Keep in mind that the best stand mixer is the newest or the one with the most features. The best stand mixer for you would be the one that answers all your needs, providing quality results with whatever task you might put it to.


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