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Mini fridge is great for its low price , low electric bills, compact size and high portability.  It’s ideal for office, dorm room, bedroom, living room and basement to store food and drinks. Mini fridges can be very handy if you are looking to chill cold drinks, store lunches in your office or keep food in your college dorm room. At some point in life, having the best mini fridge is as important as having a regular fridge.

Choosing a top-rated mini fridge can go a long way in assuring your satisfaction. Not all mini fridges are created equal. It is always good practice to compare a few mini fridges before settling on one. The following is a list of the best all-around mini fridges you can choose from.

Types of Mini Fridge

  1. Mini Fridge with Lock
  2. Mini Fridge with Freezer

Mini Fridge with Lock

A mini fridge with a lock comes in handy when a one wants to keep things from other people. These mini fridges store snacks and drinks away from people who like to take other people’s things. They have lock and key systems that offer private use. Most of the mini fridges with locks range from 3 to 7 feet cubic and weigh about 65 to 75 pounds. They have the features to regulate the temperature so that they can be used to chill soft drinks, freeze ice cream and store perishable goods. An example of a mini fridge with lock is the Compact Freezer Refrigerator with Lock.

It has both refrigerating and freezing features with the temperature controlled by a thermostat. It comes with two keys with a lock. It has a stainless steel door which is uncommon for compact freezers. It also has a lock that offers improved security as well as a manual defrosting capability. This mini fridge has temperature ranges from 0-45 degrees Fahrenheit. It also has stainless steel doors.

Mini Fridge With Freezer

There are a few things you should know about a mini fridge with a freezer and there are a lot of reasons to consider buying one. People who are single and live on their own will usually not need a full-sized fridge and freezer. College kids who need something for their food and drinks will find that having a mini fridge with freezer is beneficial.

What to Look for Before Buying a Mini Fridge ?

With so many mini fridges available on the market, how to find the best mini fridge for YOU? Keep in mind that buying a mini fridge is a long-term investment. A bad fridge can be noisy, may not chill or freeze properly, and may give you a ton of grief. There is a group of simple yet critical criteria that you need to understand before choosing your mini fridge. Please read the information below for details.


One of the most important things to look for in a mini fridge is the size of it. Some mini fridges can store more items than others, which means that you want to make sure to get one that is big enough to store all of the food and drinks that you will be buying. If you always seem to have your fridge full, then it may be a good idea to get a slightly larger mini fridge.


You need at least one thermostat to control the temperature.  You may get separate thermostats for both the freezer and the cooler with a high end model.

Items to Chill

Think about the kind of items to chill and how large they will be.  Do you need a top freezer or just a cooler?  Do you need to store both food and drink or drink only?

Energy Efficiency

Mini fridges with freezers can also save a person money on their electric bill when compared to full-sized fridges. Most mini fridges do not use a lot of power. Low energy consumption is one of the major benefits of owning a mini fridge with a freezer. If you want to save money on your energy bills, then getting rid of that full-sized fridge and freezer is something to consider. You may be surprised at just how much money you can save.


Many full-sized fridges are equipped with shelves that can be removed by sliding them out. Today there are plenty of mini fridges that are equipped with the same feature. If you are looking for a mini fridge that has sliding shelves, then it should be relatively easy to find.

Adjustable Legs

Many of the small fridges on the market today have adjustable legs. This can be very useful because it means that you will be able to adjust the legs in order to fit the fridge into different spaces. Some mini fridges do not have adjustable legs, so take this feature into consideration.


Choosing the right mini refrigerator is important. This is because they are electronic machines and just like all other electronics they are prone to damage. Look for companies that offer warranties which cover both repairs and possible replacements of functional and structural parts. The prices vary, so find the most suitable price that fits your budget. Some companies ship their products, so it is advised to choose the most suitable shipping rates. Compare prices of the available models to get the best buy.





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