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An exercise bike is yet another way of maintaining a fit physique and build up natural stamina. This is a perfectly usable fitness machine that could easily be used at homes. Investing in a good piece of equipment is really worthy when the user had gone through all the necessary basic details and requirements for a sturdy machine which would help in a perfect workout for a long time.This is otherwise referred to as stationary bicycles or indoor cycles and is easy to use and effective to burn out the extra calories with limited impact to the knees and leg joints.

Initially, the new buyer should reflect on a choice of equipment with less noise and smooth functioning. The frames should be sturdy with good preset programmes and adjustable seating which is comfortable for a long time exercising. There are good hi-fi equipments which come with built in CD player and this piece of machine would easily fit in any place, in a garden while looking out on the kids or in front of a television set or while reading a book or listening to music.

Types of Exercise Bikes

There are many models available in exercise bikes and choosing the right one is a personal choice based on comfort and need. There are modern exercise bikes which range from 100 to 1500 dollars in price varying from basic models to higher end utility features and luxuries to the user. Basically they come in two types; the upright model and the recumbent one.

The upright model more or less resembles a regular sports bike with an upright seat with the wheels set directly below. They do not have a back support and the user has to maintain an upright posture throughout the exercise program. On the other hand, the recumbent exercise bike has a comfortable seating arrangement with a slanting back support which is almost like lounging in a car seat and has the pedals are positioned in the front.

Upright Model

This is the first model in an exercise bike and as the name indicates it is positioned upright and has no back support like a regular bike. It has riding pedals directly below and both arms and legs are engaged in the workout. Even standing upright to pedal is possible in this bike. This bike leans more towards the traditional bicycles and is more compact related to space. A person who do not have any health problems and mainly is aiming towards fitness and stamina better choose the upright model as it allows a more intense workout programmes.

Recumbent model

This is a more relaxed and best for persons with back problems. Unlike upright exercise models, recumbent bikes are cushioned with a larger seat and have backrest which allows relaxing while the exercising program. Choosing an exercise bike is always a personal choice of the user but still being keen on the usage is much more necessary.

The inclination level can be adjusted in recumbent models and the pedals are sort of in the front and more effort is focused on the lower part of the body. This naturally requires more space than its counterpart. A recumbent bike is suggested to be the best for users who already have knee aches, joint problems or with high blood pressure as the pressure exerted is lower than the upright model during a workout.

What to Look For Before Buying Exercise Bikes ?

When going on the final decision to purchase an exercise bike it is best to see for more features like comfort and fitting space also. It does not hurt to check before the purchase. Practically the user can sit on the display machine and try it out for satisfaction. The handle bars and the seating should be suitable to the user as it will create unnecessary strain on a workout. Opting for the maximum comfortable money for the hard invested money along with the maximum user weight is suggested on the purchase.

Noise levels can be checked as well as the smoothness of the machine can be confirmed. Some models come with locking facility which is useful where children are around. Even though there are foldable models, there are no varieties in it. An exercise bike with sturdy frames will have much life to it. The maximum number of programmes that can be afforded will motivate the user to use the machine quite often. Latest models are equipped with water bottle holders, built in CD players with video and audio facilities which help to relax more easily.


Various types of resistance like direct or manual tension belt, air resistance and the magnetic resistance is available in different models. The cheaper models make use of the direct or manual tension belt. This allows manual adjustments in the resistance to increase the intensity of the workout. The air resistance is allowed by pedaling against the air flow from the fan blade that is provided and this is model is not common.

Much preferred and chosen is the magnetic resistance as it assures silent performance. The smoothness and the distinctly low noise level peaks the cost of the bike. The much expensive electromagnets have adjustments done either electronically or manually. The knobs or levers can be easily altered to increase or decrease resistance. The electronic adjustments can be done during the workout and do not disturb the exercise.

The resistance usually depends on the size of the flywheel and also in connection to the different size and the number of magnets in it as well as the type of magnet. A large flywheel with a good magnetic resistance in exercise equipments will help to get along with rigorous workouts for long periods. This much sophisticated resistance is found in all the high range models and ensures quality performance.

Console and Workouts

Almost all the exercise bikes will come with basic display of speed, time and distance as an electronic feedback. When the price goes up, the sophisticated and much more additional features are added up. Poor pricing will have poor display and with or without preset programmes in it. But higher end models come with added info on the amount of calories burnt and more preset or customized programmed featured to it.

When investing in long term equipment it is best to go for an expensive model with a wide option or programmes in it. This will have more life and will not become easily outdated. Also enough feedback on the calories and fat burnt with the resistance level and other features will keep the user more motivated than normal.

All this ultra modern features actually determine the price of the exercise bike. The more facilities added will also add up in the bill.

Heart Rate Monitor

The heart rate monitor that comes in most of the modern and expensive exercise bikes is one important feature. It allows keeping track of the increasing heart rate and to check if it is in the safety zone. In some models there is the pulse sensor which will automatically adjust the resistance level to control and keep the ideal heart rate zone. This will help in weight loss programmes and fitness workouts. The pulse sensors are usually placed in the handle bars but some models allow straps attached to the chest. HEART MONITORS MAY NOT BE SUITABLE FOR PEOPLE WITH PACEMAKERS . They may either be wired or wireless and either way it is a useful addition.


Many of the exercise bikes are self driven and can operate for a considerably long time. But if the machine is shared by many people, it is better to go for one which is powered by the mains. The normal time will average around six hours independently. So access to power should be noted depending on the model.


Most of the models come with warranty and service for parts and labour. The frames which are sturdy always are life time guaranteed. It is best to go through the manual and forms before purchase and use.

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