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If you are looking to buy a cross trainer also known as elliptical trainer, then you are just one among the thousands who believe that a cross trainer can help you achieve your health and fitness goals. However, while cross trainers are capable of offering a complete workout that does not stress your joints, you need to make sure that you get the right quotes for the trainer.

A cross trainer is a huge investment and can also take up a good amount of space in your home. Therefore, when you do decide to buy a cross trainer, you need to make sure that you get the right one. Here are some tips to get you the most competitive quotes for an elliptical trainer.

Tips for Purchasing the Best Cross Trainer For You

If you are thrilled with the results you have seen using the cross trainer at the gym and want to buy your own, consider that there are many models available. Properly researching the different options will insure that you purchase a machine that is best for you and your home. Keep in mind these five tips when shopping and you will be on your way to owning a cross trainer that will meet your expectations and fitness needs.

  • Fix your budget.

    Before you even proceed to look for a cross trainer, you need to make sure that you have the right price in your mind. There are many cross trainers out there that might seem like a steal but are actually overpriced. In fact, most people make the mistake of simply going to the nearest fitness shop and getting a cross trainer. If you are serious about this investment, you need to first see what an average cross trainer might cost, depending on the features it has. You can check out the pricing on the Internet and zero in on a budget depending on the features you need.

  • Buy for quality and durability.

    Take a look at the weight limits on the elliptical machines that you are considering. You want to choose one that is not only well made with high-grade parts but, in addition, one that can withstand daily use by your heaviest family member. Even if a cross trainer comes with a warrantee, you are not likely to see damage from wear until after the warrantee has expired and it is too late to recoup your investment. So, make sure that you don’t forgo quality for price because it may not be cost-effective in the long run.

  • Choose features that are right for you.

    Are you motivated by digital readouts that show the number of calories that you have burned and the distance that you have traveled? Are you looking for a machine that offers programmed workouts with variety? Those who are satisfied watching their home television while exercising and monitoring their progress by the readings on the bathroom scale can save a lot of money. Aside from offering a great cardio workout, cross trainers can come with many bells and whistles so, evaluate your needs and ability before you start to shop.

  • Make sure you can get it through the door.

    Maybe you can see the benefit of buying the best cross trainer on the market if it saves having to pay for a gym membership and it cuts down on travel time. However, make sure to get out the tape measure before you get out your credit card. Test to see if that monster of a machine will fit in your den and still leave room for your family.

  •  Buy from a reputable company.

    With large ticket items like fitness equipment, you will want to skip the 50% off deal at the bargain basement and go to a reputable dealer that offers a warrantee and return policy. Even if you buy the best cross trainer on the market, malfunctions can happen. It is worthwhile to buy from a store that will replace parts, and possibly include labor and transport of the machine to and from the store.

Workout Plans to Help Lose Weight with Your Elliptical

One of the most popular machines in any gym is a cross trainer.  Cross trainers are preferred by many people over treadmills because the motion required to use an elliptical is much more fluid than running and it expels less impact on someone’s knees, hips, or joints.  While many people may consider using an elliptical machine to be quite monotonous and boring, there are actually quite a few exercise programs which can be completed to help you lose weight fast.

1.  Cardio Strengthening Workout

In this workout, the user should place the resistance at a manageable level and the angle at a neutral height.  The user should then attempt to stay on the cross trainer at a consistent level for 30 to 45 minutes.  While exercising, the user should ensure that their heart rate stay in a cardiovascular strengthening range for at least 25 minutes.  If your heart rate exceeds or falls below that level, you should adjust the resistance.  Keeping your heart rate high will strengthen your heart and will also burn calories

2.   Resistance Interval Training Workout

In this workout, you will need to constantly alter resistance levels between high resistance and low resistance.  On most cross trainer the high resistance level should be at least twice that of the low resistance.  Each interval should consist of 90 second of low resistance followed by 30 seconds of high resistance.  This exercise will keep your metabolism working throughout the day.

3.  Speed Interval Training Workout

In this workout, you will want to alter between high speeds movements and low speeds movements.  Most cross trainers will have some sort of speed or RPM display on the dashboard.  You should set a goal for both high speed and low speed, and follow the same 90 second / 30 second interval pattern as the resistance interval training workout.

4.  Pyramid workout

In this cross trainer workout you will start your exercise at low resistance level.  After 2 minutes, you will increase your resistance by one to two levels and then continue to increase your resistance every 2 minutes until you reach a point where you can no longer operate the cross trainer.  Then you will decrease the resistance every minute until you reach your original level.  This will increase your muscle strength as well allow for a proper stretch.  This is similar to interval training, and will keep your body burning calories throughout the day.

5.  Muscle Building Workout

In this workout, you will keep the resistance at a very high level, but you will adjust the angle every few minutes.  This exercise will emphasize muscle building and toning on various muscles throughout your legs.  Having excess muscle in your legs will help you burn fat throughout the day.

Benefits of a Cross Trainer

  • Cross trainers provide a smooth, full-body workout, with all four limbs working in tandem to give you the aerobic and cardio workout you seek, without the impact.
  • Cross Trainers emphasize gliding movements, as opposed to jerky movements, and support vulnerable joints and weaker muscle groups left exposed by other exercisers.
  •  Cross trainers are simple to the point of being automatic. Cross Trainer will lock you into the correct form, preventing injury, and freeing you to focus on meeting your fitness goals.

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